TDP-1.5 Single Punch Tablet Machine

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TDP-1.5 Single Punch Tablet Machine

A tablet device used to press various granular materials into round tablets or other special-shaped tablets. It is an ideal product suitable for trial production and small-scale production of tablets in scientific research institutes, schools, and pharmaceutical laboratories.

DP-25 single punch tablet machine

DP-25 single-punch tablet machine is a fully enclosed, highly-configured single-punch tablet machine that can be adjusted by frequency conversion. The appearance and contact materials are all made of stainless 304. The latest product developed by our company has a maximum tablet diameter of 25mm. , The glass cover is fully enclosed to prevent dust from flying.

ZP-25 Special Tablet Press for Effervescent Tablets

This machine is a tablet press specially developed by our company. It adopts a unique demolding method for tablets with strong viscosity and difficult demolding to ensure that the compressed tablets are smooth, beautiful and beautiful. It is used to produce effervescent tablets, Ideal equipment for viscous disinfectants and other tablets.

ZP-33 glass mosaic press

This machine is used to compress various granular materials into flakes. It is a basic equipment suitable for mass production. The speed of the turntable, the filling depth of the material and the thickness of the tablet can be adjusted during tableting.

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