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Shanghai Xuema Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. was established in 2000, the company is located at No. 1188, Kungang Road, Xiaokunshan Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai. The company has its own land, plant, machining equipment and skilled front-line workers.
        Xuema Pharmaceutical Machine is a domestic professional production of tablet presses and other pharmaceutical equipment manufacturers, to the production and sales of all kinds of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery and equipment and related chemical machinery and equipment, compression biscuit machine-based, specializing in the production of tablet presses, single stamping machines, small tablet presses, rotary tablet presses, experimental tablet presses, large tablet presses and other pharmaceutical machinery, the company integrates R & D and production innovation. There are also flower basket tablet press, small tablet press, powder tablet press, chicken essence block special tablet press, super large tablet press, rotary tablet press, double-layer tablet press, triple layer tablet press, crusher, mixer, hot air circulation oven, pneumatic vacuum feeder, vacuum cleaner, etc., production is suitable for pharmaceutical, chemical, food, electronics, metallurgy and other industries, is one of the factories specializing in the production of various types of pharmaceutical machinery, food machinery, excellent product quality, It is a member unit of China Pharmaceutical Equipment Industry Association, strictly implements the national pharmaceutical industry standard for machinery, has a large sales coverage in China, covers all provinces and cities in the country, has a good market reputation, and its products sell well at home and abroad.
        Shanghai Xuema Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in providing pharmaceutical, health products, food, agriculture, chemical, electronic battery, building materials, metallurgy, ceramics and other industries for production and experimental tablet presses, powder tablet presses, powder briquetting machines, powder forming machines and supporting tablet press molds, briquetting machine molds, forming machine molds (die punches), crushers, mixers, pellet machines, vacuum feeders, sieve tablets, hot air circulation ovens, pneumatic vacuum feeders, etc. The products are suitable for pressing Chinese medicine tablets, western medicine tablets, health care products, calcium tablets, oral lozenges, spirulina tablets, milk tablets, candy tablets, effervescent tablets, chewable tablets, banlan root blocks, seasoning blocks (chicken essence blocks), mothballs (sanitary balls), aromatic tablets, disinfection tablets, catalysts, fertilizer tablets, pesticide tablets, button batteries, electronic components, glass mosaics, crucibles, VC effervescent tablets, Smurfs blocks (toilet blocks), washing blocks, fish pond oxygenators, watercolor powders, art powders, metallurgical powder ceramic tablets, etc.

Shanghai Xuema Pharmaceutical Machinery Co., Ltd. has an independent new product research and development department, the development of new products, customized non-standard equipment, in response to market demand and customer needs, has developed a new model with high pressure, suitable for pressing large and difficult-to-form tablets, ZPW23 punching chicken essence block special tablet press, ZP-25B chicken essence block press, ZP13A (B) large tablet press (watercolor powder tablet press), ZP-17A (B) chicken essence block tablet press, metal powder tablet press, ZPW21/ 23 three-layer tablet press, ZP-25 new three-layer tablet press (Smurf block pressing), glass mosaic production line, etc.; The new ZPS-8 rotary tablet press with pressure display PLC operation, ZP-15D rotary tablet press has been launched, and the special product effervescent tablet press welcomes new and old customers to consult.
        With the globalization of the economy, the domestic exchanges, especially the foreign exchanges, are expanding, giving the market of the company's products a broad prospect. In the spirit of "Xuema Pharmaceutical Machinery for Your Sake", the company warmly welcomes domestic and foreign manufacturers to negotiate cooperation business, and develop together and create business on the basis of the principle of "the interests of the main customer are the same" and the principle of "establishing a good public image".

Corporate culture

01 Business philosophy

Win-win cooperation, efficient intentions, enterprising excellence, customer achievement.

02 Business purpose

Survive by quality, develop with integrity, and seek breakthrough with technology.

03 Ten years as a day

Focus on creating product value for customers.

04 Core values

Altruism, integrity, initiative, struggle, learning, and goodness.

05 Stratagem

Innovation, integrity, responsibility, belief

Benefits and services


(1) High-quality products - under the guidance of the policy of "high quality, high requirements and high treatment", the company strives to provide you with higher quality products and better service. In line with the quality-oriented enterprise spirit and the service tenet of "sincere care", we will continue to strive to forge ahead, serve customers and return to the society.

(2) Scientific design - starting from the reality of customer needs, each product is scientifically designed and strictly controlled by process. Strictly abide by the process flow and process indicators, each batch of products has strict testing, strict quality control, always put product quality in the first place.

(3) Longer service life of the product - reliable product performance, complete cutting ability, convenient selection; At the same time, the products are sold all over the world with the characteristics of high efficiency, high quality and long service life, low failure rate and few wearing parts.

(4) Exquisite technology - the company has established and maintained a complete set of quality management system

(5) Strict quality testing - the company has passed the medical device manufacturing good management practice (GMP) assessment, ISO13485 international quality management system certification, EU CE product quality certification.

(6) Professional team - the company has a group of high-quality management personnel and professional operation team.



The company has always persevered, kept improving, and cultivated a professional service team with high quality and technical excellence.
The after-sales service network has covered all provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions in the country, and the combination of after-sales service and technical services has improved the quality and efficiency of after-sales service.
The company takes customer satisfaction as the standard, provides customers with objective, accurate and perfect solutions, and performs the three basic functions of external unified acceptance, internal return visit supervision and improvement of services.
Achieve "Effort! Let customers be moved" service concept.
Respect customer wishes, understand customer individual needs, listen carefully to customer voices, and quickly respond to customer questions.
Customer problems are handled within 24 hours to ensure that customers can use the company's products with peace of mind.

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