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What are the factors that affect the die of the tablet press

If there is a problem with the die of the tablet press, check the total length of the upper and lower punches. If it exceeds the tolerance range, stop using it.



If there is a problem with the die of the tablet press, check the total length of the upper and lower punches. If it exceeds the tolerance range, stop using it.
1. There will be such a situation that the particle size is unevenly distributed, and the particle flow rate is different during tableting, resulting in uneven thickness of the particles filled into the middle die hole. Then our solution is to mix the particles evenly or sieve out too fine powder.
2. If you have fine powder adhering to the punch in your underpass, the film weight can vary greatly when hanging punch. Then we are not flexible in the rotation of the lower punch at this time, so we should check it in time, remove the punch, and clean the lower punch and middle die holes.
3. The fluidity of the particles is not good, and the amount of particles flowing into the middle die hole is sometimes too small, which causes the sheet weight difference to be too large and beyond the limit. We should re-granulate or add a suitable glidant such as micronized silica gel to improve the fluidity of the granules.
4. Particle stratification. I will layer the particles to reduce the difference in particle size.
5. For smaller tablets, use larger particles. We should choose the appropriate size particles.
6. The feeding hopper is blocked. This phenomenon often occurs with drugs with strong viscosity or moisture absorption. We should unblock the feeding hopper, keep the tableting environment dry, and properly add glidants to solve the problem.
7. There is a big difference in the amount of material stored in the material. Control within 50%.
8. The feeder is unbalanced or not installed in place, causing uneven packing. Balance the feeder or install it in place.
9. The scraper is uneven or poorly installed. Leveling.
10. With forced feeder, the speed of the dial of the forced feeder does not match the speed of the turntable. Tune the same.
11. The punch has a poor fit with the middle die hole. For example, a lot of powder leaks between the outer periphery of the lower punch and the die hole wall, which causes the phenomenon of "astringent punch" in the lower punch and insufficient material filling. For this, the punch and middle die should be replaced.
12. The length of the undershoot varies and the tolerance is too high, resulting in uneven filling. Correction, the difference is within ±5μm.
13. The undershoot is damped, and the damping force adjusted by the damping screw is not good. readjust.
14. The filling track is worn or the filling mechanism is unstable. Replace or stabilize.
15. In pursuit of output, the speed of the turntable is too fast and the filling volume is insufficient. Especially when pressing large tablets, reduce the speed appropriately to ensure sufficient filling.
16. Excessive vibration of the tablet press, loose structure, unreasonable assembly or reassembly; too much pressure on the tablet press. Reduce the pressure.

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