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BG-10 high efficiency coating machine

Main materials: 1. Use ocr18Ni9 or imported SUS304 stainless steel; 2. The spray gun uses the product of Iwata Co., Ltd.; 3. The programmable PLC uses Germany's Siemens; the touch screen uses Germany's Siemens.


Product details

  • 产品描述
  • main material:

    1. Adopt ocr18Ni9 or imported SUS304 stainless steel material             
    2. Spray gun adopts the product of Japan Iwata Co., Ltd.
    3. Programmable PLC adopts German Siemens; touch screen adopts German Siemens

    Technical Parameters

    Maximum production capacity (kg/time)


    1. Host: PLC man-machine interface, high efficiency and energy saving, no dust, no cross contamination, simple operation, convenient cleaning, low noise and high efficiency. Coated drugs: The coating layer is dry, uniform, firm, dense, flat and smooth.
    2. Hot air blower: through efficient filtration. The hot air cleanliness level reaches 100,000.
    3. Exhaust fan: equipped with anti-vibration and automatic dust removal device.
    4. 1 imported spray gun (Iwata, Japan).
    5. Mixing drum
    6. Strong electric cabinet
    7. This equipment complies with "GMP" standard requirements

    Coating drum speed


    Main motor power


    Heater motor power


    Exhaust fan motor power (kw)



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