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ZDS-350 Folding Packaging Machine

Equipment operators must be trained and can operate only after being qualified


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  • Equipment safety operation requirements:

    1 Before turning on the power, make sure that the equipment is reliably grounded.
    2 Equipment operators must be trained and qualified before operation.
    3 When the equipment is running, the operator shall not leave the operating position. When the equipment has abnormal phenomenon or sound failure, it should be shut down immediately to eliminate it.
    4 When performing maintenance on the operating parts of the equipment, the power supply of the equipment must be cut off.
    5 Before starting the machine, you must carefully check the equipment to remove all debris from the machine, especially the operating parts, to ensure that there are no inclusions and obstacles.
    6 The equipment should be managed and operated by a dedicated person, and the operating conditions of the equipment should be recorded truthfully, completely and continuously, especially abnormal conditions, so as to facilitate analysis and summarizing experience.
    7 It is strictly forbidden to open the protective cover during equipment operation.

    Technical Parameters

    Dimensions (length × width × height)

    D 2500× W 16000× H 17000mm

    Standard weight

    Approximately 1000kg

    Operating Voltage

    3/N/PE AC380/220V ,50Hz

    Maximum power

    2 kVA

    working pressure


    Protection level


    Production speed

    200-320 block/minute



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