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DPP-150 Aluminum Plastic Packaging Machine


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  • Features:

    The new domestic transmission mechanism is adopted, and the main transmission shaft is driven by the platoon chain, which eliminates the error and noise of other gear transmission.

    The electrical appliance adopts an imported control system, and it can be equipped with a missing material and leakage compensation device and a missing particle detection and removal device according to customer requirements.

    The use of photoelectric control system, automatic feeding of PVC, PTP, hard aluminum packaging, and automatic punching of waste edges ensure the stability of ultra-long distance multi-station synchronization.

    It can be equipped with photoelectric detection and correction device, with imported stepping motor traction, graphic and text-to-plate printing and packaging, to optimize the grade of packaging.

    This machine is suitable for industries: food, medicine, medical equipment, hardware, electronic blister packaging.

    working principle:

    Dimensional layout drawing:

    Technical Parameters

    Cutting times
    Punches frequency

    10∽35 (times/min)

    Production capacity
    Production capacity

    1200∽4200 (
    two plates one time) (plates /hour) 1200-4200plates/hour( two plates one time)

    Max forming area and depth
    Max. Forming area and depth

    130×100(standard thickness≤15mm ) maximum depth 26mm
    130x100(standard thickness≤15mm) Max. depth 26mm

    Travel range
     Stroke range

    can be designed as per user's required) 50-120mm( can be designed as per user's required)

    Standard Sheet
    Standard plate size

    80×57mm (
    can be designed as per user's required) 80x57mm (can be designed as per user's required)

    Clean air
    Clean compressed air


    Air consumption
     Air compressed capacity

    (Air compressor) ≥0.3m3/min

    Total Power
    Total power supply

    380V 50HZ 3.8kw

    Main motor power
    Main power


    PVC sheet
    PVC hard film


    PTP aluminum foil
    PTP Aluminum film


    Dialysis paper
    Dialysis paper


    Mold cooling
    Mould cooling

    Tap water or recycled water
    Tap water or recycling water

    Overall dimension

    2315×635×1405mm (L×W×H)

    Machine weight
     Net Weight


    Gross Weight


    Outside the box size
    Overall Dimension

    2500×800×1780mm (L×W×H)


    <75 db



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