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ZP-11 Reinforced Small Rotary Tablet Press

Small size ZP-11 tablet press, small size, light weight, easy to use, easy to operate, suitable for laboratory and small batch production scientific research purposes, the maximum pressure is 60KN, the maximum tablet diameter is 20mm, which can fully meet the needs of general users. Favored by users from various manufacturers.


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  • Rotary tablet press use:

    The small ZP-11 tablet press is small in size, light in weight, easy to use and easy to operate. It is suitable for laboratory and small batch production and scientific research purposes. The maximum pressure is 60KN and the maximum tablet diameter is 20mm. It can fully meet the needs of general users. Favored by users from various manufacturers.


    The outer cover of the ZP-11 small tablet press is a fully enclosed form, the material is stainless steel, and the internal table is made of stainless steel. The surface of the turntable is specially treated to maintain the surface gloss and prevent cross-contamination, which meets GMP requirements.

    The doors and windows equipped with transparent glass can clearly observe the state of the pressing, and can be fully opened, which is easy for internal cleaning and maintenance. All controllers and operating parts are reasonably arranged.

    The frequency conversion speed control device is used for electrical speed control, which is convenient to operate, stable in rotation, safe and accurate.

    All transmission devices are arranged inside the machine to keep the parts clean. Equipped with overload protection device, when the pressure is overloaded, it can automatically stop. This machine is equipped with an electromagnetic brake motor and other safety protection devices, which can also be adjusted and operated during operation.


    Technical Parameters

    Model number


    Turntable die number (paid)


    Maximum working pressure (kN)


    Maximum tablet diameter (mm)


    Maximum tablet thickness (mm)


    Maximum filling depth (mm)


    Maximum tablet output(000 tablets/hour)


    Working diameter of turntable (mm)


    Turntable speed (rev/min)


    Diameter of middle mold (mm)


    Middle mold height (mm)

    twenty two

    Diameter of upper and lower punch (mm)

    twenty two

    Length of upper and lower punch (mm)


    Dimensions (mm)


    Machine weight (kg)


    Motor power (kw)


    Voltage (Volt)




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